Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Chapter 63: The World is Advancing (teaser)

Rollo’s left arm was over my shoulder and wrapped across my heart, and I could feel his calm steady breathing against my back. Absurdly, my body felt as if it was being protected rather than threatened. I had looked into Rollo’s eyes and, trusting myself to know what I saw, I had trusted him absolutely. But his knife was at my throat! How could I still feel this trust? And then, in a flash of realisation, I understood. I trusted Rollo more than I trusted myself, because I knew he would do the right thing, whatever the cost, whatever he himself wanted, because it was right, and sometimes that would mean he could be strong when other people were weak.

I am writing this, of course, but how do you know when? Or what I am now? Or who?


Marie said...

I don't know where or why she is now either, but I do know that Avancing isn't a word.

Rollo is quite manly isn't he? I bet his beard is tickling her cheek something rotten.

Consider me fully teased...

Milly Chen said...

Good subbing. But don't try and get on Rollo's good side now. I know you think it's a fat name.