Friday, January 18, 2008

My profile is no longer accurate

My novel is going to be published next year by Jonathan Cape. It's an old school heroes-and-villains romance called The Kilburn Social Club, and the very basic description runs: a medical student inherits a premiership football club she doesn't much want, but her sister really does. The club and its players are wish fulfilment fantasy written by a frustrated sports fan in the same way that West Wing is wish fulfilment fantasy written by a frustrated Democrat. It takes place in an alternate present in which things are recognisable without being identifiable - there are no real people, even in code. It's about how the club is threatened by the world, and whether it can survive, and my publisher described it to the press as 'Forsyte Saga meets Footballer's Wives.' It is aimed at people who hate football as much as at sports fans. As almost all of you know (if you don't, it's because you never emailed me) my name is literally Robert Hudson, which will be the name on the book. I am, as you can imagine, extremely excited by all of this.